How to Avoid Fresher’s Flu

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It is the completely avoidable fate of many first time uni students to fall ill within their first few weeks at university. With some forethought and common sense, you can skip the fresher’s flu and stay healthy all year round!

Get Enough Sleep. Fresher’s Week can be a bit draining, what with all the new people and places you’ll be exposed to. Don’t worry, you’ll have ages to make friends with your hall mates, but they’re not going to want to hang out if you’re coughing up a lung all day, so get to bed early enough to get the doctor recommended eight hours of rest per night. Seriously, you’ll thank us later.

Exercise. As it turns out, healthy habits are pretty much the same the world over. A bit of regular exercise will keep you feeling in top shape.

Eat Well! Believe it or not, three daily servings of beans on toast does not count as a well-rounded diet. Keep your immune system strong by eating lots of fruit and vegetables to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins you need to keep up your studies. Taking a multivitamin isn’t a bad idea either.

Wash Your Hands Regularly. You’ll be meeting lots of people, whether in your residence, at the fresher’s activities fair, or even in the hallways between class, and since any one of them could be feeling ill, you’ll want to make sure you’re thinking about your personal hygiene throughout the day. Always wash your hands before and after eating, and consider bringing around a travel size container of hand sanitizer, just to make your life a little less germ-centric.

But if you do find yourself ill… make use of your UCEAP insurance and go to the doctor! For students in England, all the information you need to help you make an appointment can be found on pages 6 through 8 of your yellow Program Guide. You can also visit the UCEAP website for more information on how your insurance can help you find and pay for medical care whilst abroad.