2014 UCEAP UK/Ireland Thanksgiving Competition Winners

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This year, as part of our annual Thanksgiving Celebration, the Edinburgh and London Study Centres held three exciting competitions. Our current students submitted blog posts, photos and video entries that showcased their amazing UCEAP experiences in Ireland and the UK. We received a variety of blog entries covering topics such as adjusting to life in the first month of being in a new country, exciting travel stories, and general tips for studying abroad. Our photo competition received over 40 submissions, ranging from amazing landscape photos to wonderful group excursion shots. The video submissions were well crafted and featured some great footage of the unique opportunities available to students when they study abroad in the UK and Ireland. Thank you to all students who submitted an entry!

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s competitions below:

Blog Post Category

1st place: LAURA MONTALTO (UCEAP England)-Read Laura’s entry here 

2nd place: SOPHIA WILKOF (UCEAP Scotland)-Read Sophia’s entry here

3rd place: LAURA DELAMARE (UCEAP Ireland)-Read Laura’s entry here


Photo Category

1st place: MELISSA MAGDANGAL (UCEAP England)


2nd place: JULIA GUO (UCEAP Scotland)

Julia Guo 3

3rd place: AMANDA RUBERTI (UCEAP Ireland)

Ruberti, Amanda

Video Category

1st place: SARAH KOUKLIS (UCEAP Scotland)

2nd place: KAYLEE LATIMER and ANH TRAN (UCEAP Ireland)

3rd place: SARAH CONLEY (UCEAP Scotland)


Congratulations to all of our winners!

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