St Andrew’s Day

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This Sunday, Scots all over the world will celebrate St Andrew’s Day-Scotland’s national day. This holiday is celebrated every year in Scotland, and other countries that hold Scottish connections, on the 30th of November by indulging in traditional Scottish food, music and dance.

So who exactly is St Andrew and what’s his importance to the Scottish community? The Patron Saint of Scotland, legend has it that a monk named Regulus brought relics of St Andrew to Scotland where he was given land to build a church. The settlement grew into the modern day town of St Andrews, housing both a cathedral that became a place of religious pilgrimage and Scotland’s oldest university-University of St Andrews (founded 1413.) As Scotland slowly became a nation, St Andrew quickly became a national symbol that united and motivated the Scots.


DID YOU KNOW: The Saltire, Scotland’s national flag, is based on the cross that St Andrew was crucified on on November 30th, 60 AD.

So whether attending a traditional ceilidh, listening to or playing the bagpipes, enjoying traditional Scottish poetry and writing or cooking up a warm meal made from fresh Scottish ingredients, take some time this St Andrew’s Day to pay tribute to Scotland’s Patron Saint and the glorious traditions of this great Celtic country!

For more information, from hosting your own St Andrew’s party and cooking up the very best in traditional Scottish cuisine to more details on the history behind this national holiday, check out the official St Andrew’s Day website!