Getting Involved at your Host University

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One of the most incredible things about studying abroad is the opportunities you get to make lifelong friends in a new and exciting environment. A great way to make those connections is to get involved on in societies and clubs on your new campus.

We recently wrote about the how sport can be an effective introduction to new friends and a new culture, which you can read about here, but even for those who don’t necessarily want to join an athletic team or society, there are any number of opportunities available! If you are passionate about an activity or issue, chances are there will be a way to celebrate that passion on your new campus.


For example, Olivia Allen is a UC Irvine student who spent the Fall term at University of Sussex. She ended up in the starring role of the University of Sussex Undergraduate Drama Society’s production of Revolutionary Road!

I am a drama major and have been taking drama courses while here at Sussex, and I knew I wanted to a part of a society but there were so many amazing ones involving all of my interests from art to politics to anthropology, dance, etc. I was having trouble choosing which to do. I decided to audition for the Drama society’s plays, and got cast in this one, which is the role I wanted, so it was perfect because it also decided for me which society to be a part of! It’s been really fun working with the talented people I have been, and creating another fun social group outside of my courses. – Olivia Allen

From drama to dancing, there’s something for everyone to get involved in while abroad! What passion will you pursue?