Documenting Your Time Abroad

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Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity, and one that can change your life forever. Documenting your experience is a great way to hold on to the memories you’ve made, so that you can continue to reflect on them for years to come. It’s also an great way to keep family and friends back home up-to-date on what you’ve been up to whilst away. Below are some easy ways you can document your study abroad experience:

Write a blog. Keeping a blog while you study abroad is a a popular way for students to record their adventures while sharing them instantly with family and friends back home. Writing a quick blog post about each new city you visit can help you remember what you saw and did there, allowing you to keep track of your memories so you don’t confuse that great cup of coffee you had in Edinburgh with the hot chocolate you tried in Bristol. Similarly, doing a weekly or biweekly post about your classes can help you cement your memories of visiting new cafes with friends or reflect on the differences between exams in California and the UK.

Use a hashtag. If you return to California and find yourself missing your European adventures, perusing our programme-wide hashtag (#ukiuceap) is a great way to look back on all the fun you and your fellow UCEAP students had. From making new friends on campus to skiing on holiday in the Swiss Alps, UCEAP students in the UK and Ireland have done it all – and hashtagged some truly amazing shots of their adventures. Make sure you follow our Instagram account @ukiuceap to see all the latest photos of what we’re doing in England, Scotland and Ireland!


Make a scrapbook. Whether you travel around Europe or spend most of your time getting to know your new city, you’re sure to collect quite a few trinkets from your experiences that you may not want to just throw away when you return to the states. Instead, consider making a scrapbook out your ticket stubs, oyster card, and favourite takeaway menus. Add a few printed photos of your time abroad and you’ve got a physical reminder of your months away, preserving those memories safely and promising that nothing you loved gets wasted!