Visiting Parliament

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UCEAP students enjoyed taking in the view of Westminster from Portcullis House before the presentation

Earlier this month, a group of UCEAP students studying at English universities had the opportunity to join their peers currently enrolled in the UCEAP Scottish Internship Programme for a visit to the Palace of Westminster to learn more about Parliament.

The visit began with the chance to watch the business of the day in the House of Commons Chamber as well as the House of Lords Chamber, before concluding with a presentation on the work and role of Parliament given in Portcullis House. On the day of our visit, the House of Commons was debating how to improve cancer outcomes in the UK, while the House of Lords was engaged in a lively discussion on the busking provisions included in a deregulation bill.

This tour of the different aspects of Parliament and explanation of how they work together was a great opportunity for students to learn more about their host country while also getting a chance to see Parliament in action before it closes for the upcoming election period.