Travelling on a Student Budget

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IMG_4058Take trains. The UK and much of continental Europe offer expansive train networks you can utilize to get around whilst travelling. Train travel is often less hassle than flying – no liquid requirements! – and is a great way to see the countryside. In the UK, many major train stations are easier to get to than a local airport, and you may find train journeys are the perfect time to get your reading done before heading back to your classes.

Book carefully with budget airlines. Less expensive airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet often offer discounted rates for flights around the UK, Ireland and much of Europe, but beware of hidden fees! These airlines may charge you unexpectedly high rates if you forget to print out your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport. Make sure you check the dimensions of allowed suitcases as well – they may be different from what you are used to in the States!

Don’t be afraid to ask for a student discount. Whether you are in a new and unfamiliar city or trying to save money in the shops near your host institution, student discounts are a great way to save money either while travelling or before you head out. Discounts can be found on everything from takeaways and dry cleaning to cinema and theatre tickets, so keep a sharp eye out and don’t hesitate to ask at the counter if a discount is available.

Travel with friends. Not only is travelling with friends safer and more fun than adventuring on your own, it can be cost effective too. Whether you split a pizza in Rome or a hotel room in Dublin, having a friend (or several friends) with you can help ease your expenses abroad. They may even be able to find a deal or discount that you missed – two heads are always better than one!