Dining Abroad on a Student Budget

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Eating local food is a great way to learn more about a local culture, but dining out is always easy on a student budget. Check out our advice for how to eat out without breaking the bank!

Check out social media for tips. Some cities have twitter accounts dedicated to sharing special deals that often include free or discounted meal options. @SkintLondon is a great example of this: their posts cover inexpensive activities of all sorts, but their followers are always kept in the loop about free or discounted meal promotions happening all across the city.

pizzaIf it’s a takeaway you’re after, don’t be afraid to look for special discount codes online. Like GrubHub in the United States, HungryHouse and JustEat are large, UK-based websites that allow you to use their simple online system to order from any of several hundred restaurants they partner with. They often offer special discount deals on your takeaway, if you take the time to search online before you order. Similarly, some pizza places may offer their food at a special discount on certain days during the week – it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead!

Get advice from local websites on the best cheap eats in your area. Time Out offers culinary advice on a number of cities all around the worlds, including London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Dublin. They even have a list of the best dishes for under £3 in London, in case you’re really feeling the pinch. Sunday Roast

One of the best ways to try local food and save money is undoubtedly to make it on your own at home. Ask a mate from the UK or Ireland to show you how to cook a Sunday roast or plate of bangers and mash, and you can make an American breakfast for them in exchange!