A Magical Day at Harry Potter Studios

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DSC_0112UCEAP England students recently had the opportunity to attend the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. Students enjoyed an afternoon on the actual sets used in the making of the eight Harry Potter films, where they had the opportunity to stroll along Diagon Alley, visit the Great Hall, and even try their hand at riding a broomstick! The tour took place inside two soundstages at Leavesden Studios, which is currently being used for the production of the upcoming Star Wars film, as well as the latest installment of the James Bond franchise.

Students were excited to explore Diagon Alley on the tour. Does anyone know the exchange rate for GBP to Galleons?

Fifty students participated in the tour, where they learned about one of the largest film productions in British history while observing thousands of the props used on the films. Topics ranging from set development to costume design and even special effects were covered on the tour, and students had the chance to go even further in depth with the sets through the use of handheld multimedia guides. Student attendees shared their experience on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ukiuceap.

Even though they couldn’t stay at Hogwarts forever, UC students enjoyed a magical day full of cultural exploration. And of course, when you study abroad in England, you’re never too far away from seeing your next castle!