Springtime in Scotland

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It’s that time of year again when the snow starts to melt, the days begin getting longer and the first sign of new life shows itself in the colorful specks popping up throughout the UK. Spring is a wonderful time to be in Scotland! Here are a few suggestions on things to do around the country this spring:

  • Edinburgh Castle Photo by UCEAP student, Andy Liu
    Edinburgh Castle
    Photo by UCEAP student, Andy Liu

    Explore a Castle. With around 2,000 castles throughout the country, a trip to at least one during your time in Scotland is a must! Edinburgh and Stirling Castles offer plenty of exciting museums, exhibits and activities throughout the season to ensure a lovely day out!


  • Platt_brunchEat Local. 2015 has been named the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland, so what better time to come and explore all of the delicious delicacies of the country! Food festivals, farmers markets and many similar events celebrating fresh and local Scottish cuisine can be found throughout the country this season!


  • Sciurus-vulgaris_hernandeangelis_stockholm_2008-06-04See Scotland’s Wildlife. Ever seen a red squirrel or a red deer? What about a puffin? This spring is the perfect time to head off the beaten path a bit and explore the unique wildlife of Scotland! A day or weekend trip to the Scottish Highlands is your best bet for seeing some of Scotland’s precious species while also learning more about the country’s long and interesting history!


  • Climb a Hill. A hilltop view gives you a new perspective on a city and what better time to take a beautiful climb, big or small, than when the skies are blue and flowers are blooming! In Edinburgh? Take advantage of a sunny day out and go for a wee wander up one of the many hills located around the city. Warning: breath-taking views and beautiful pictures will be involved.

Let the promise of blooming flowers, fresh food and breath-taking views be your motivation as you enter this season! Happy Spring!