Student Spotlight: Shannon’s Radio Show

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Shannon working on her show!
Shannon working on her show!

There are many ways to get involved at your host university while studying abroad, but Shannon’s method really tops the charts! Shannon Gonzalez, a UC Berkeley student spending Spring 2015 studying abroad with UCEAP at the University of East Anglia in England, has become a DJ with her very own show on the UEA student radio station.

After attending the clubs and societies fair at the start of the semester, Shannon happened to see the radio booth and decided to try it out. After recording a demo, she ended up being given her own show!

“This has been my favorite part of my study abroad experience by far. It has been scary and challenging but definitely the most rewarding activity I have got involved in since starting college. Every week I now have to research music and artists along with find other facts and information I feel would be useful to get the word out to the UEA student community. I get to pick songs to air as well. I can tell funny anecdotes (and do!) about differences I’ve noticed here in comparison to America.”

– UCEAP student Shannon Gonzalez

All of UCEAP’s partner universities in the UK will have hundreds of great ways you can get involved. If there’s a sport you loved playing in California, chances are you can find a team whilst abroad! But studying abroad is also a great time to try something new. You can pick up a radio show or even try caving – it’s all about personal growth and experiencing the world from a new perspective.

 “Overall, this experience has helped me discover a newfound love and encouraged me to research ways to get involved in the student radio show at UC Berkeley when I get back! This is by far the most exciting activity I have been involved in, and it truly has pushed me to challenge my comfort zone in my time abroad.”

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