A Summer Abroad with UKIUCEAP

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As spring term is upon us and summer quickly approaches, it’s time for our incoming UC students to begin preparing for their summer abroad and the adventure of a lifetime! Here’s a quick guide to making the most of a summer abroad with UCEAP in the UK and Ireland:

wing-221526_640Read ALL of your pre-departure material BEFORE departing. Twice. Making sure you’re well prepared and organised BEFORE leaving the US is very important when spending a summer abroad. Be sure to read all important emails and communications and get in touch with UCEAP staff if anything seems unclear or confusing.

Do some research on exciting cultural events happening throughout the summer in your host country! From concerts and festivals to special exhibitions and celebrations, summer is a great time to experience any city. Try and do a bit of research prior to heading abroad to ensure you don’t miss out on all of the fun, exciting local things happening in your host city this summer! Here are some great links to get you started: UK /Dublin

Ruberti, AmandaEnjoy all that’s happening in your host country through day trips and short weekend excursions. With limited time between an intensive study programme and settling in to your new home, it’s important to use your weekends to fully immerse yourself in all that your host city and country have to offer! Take a daytrip to a nearby town. Ask locals their favourite spots in your new city and spend a day exploring those places. There is no better time than summer to get outdoors and enjoy all that the UK and Ireland have to offer!

Girls RunningMeet locals! British and Irish students tend not to take courses during the summer months, so what are some other ways to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet people? Try getting involved in some local meet-up groups or sports clubs! From cinema nights and comedy shows to jogging groups and jam sessions, there are sure to be tons of local groups meeting up each week during summer. Ask your university’s international office for more advice!


Summer awaits! See you soon!

Summer awaits! See you soon!