Student Photos of the Scottish Highlands

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During our recent spring trip to the Scottish Highlands, a UCEAP England student and talented photographer named Brennan Lagman captured many of the beautiful sights of the tour on film. His photos highlight the striking natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and just further prove how truly talented UC students are! Here is what Brennan had to say about the trip:

“The beautiful Scottish Countryside in winter is unlike anywhere this Californian has ever seen. Scotland’s history is as vibrant as its natural scenery. Once inhabited by some of the oldest human civilizations, there are many castles, villages, and ruins to see; and with Glen Coe,one of the oldest and arguably most beautiful volcanic mountain ranges in the world, to top it all off, it was by far one of the coolest excursions I have ever taken.” – Brennan Lagman, UCEAP England student Spring 2015

You can see more of Brennan’s photos on his website.