Alex’s Theatre Production

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Recently, UC Santa Barbara student and UCEAP England participant Alex Idzal took the time to write a post about her experience working as a Designer for a student theatre production of the show Proof during her year abroad at King’s College London. Check out what she had to say below! 

“The biggest thing that allowed me to get involve with Proof was staying the full year. After my study abroad friends had left, there was more of a desire (and a necessity) to make friends with King’s students outside of my flat. One of the girls I have gotten close with in second semester casually mentioned that she was looking for another member of the production team on her show. When she asked if I was interested, I very happily said yes.

Working on a production has definitely eaten up a lot of my time. I’ve not been able to travel as much this semester because of both my class schedule and weekend rehearsals. But I have gotten to know so many more English students than I would have otherwise, and having a real project to devote my time to has made my time here feel more purposeful. I feel so connected here; every time I meet another student through the show, there’s another person I can greet when I pass them in the Strand Lobby, someone else I might know in my classes. Those little things make me feel less alone in such a big city, so far from home.

Having never worked on a show before, starting out was a bit daunting. I didn’t really know what my job was, when it started, which rehearsals I should be at. It became a little more comfortable as time went on, and I started sourcing set pieces, finding creative solutions when the vision of the set didn’t match reality, and trying to keep our budget balanced. The biggest challenge is probably managing the disparity between imagination and the reality of putting on a low budget student production.”

– Alex Idzal, UCEAP King’s College London, 2014-2015