Student Support Scholarship: Spring 2015 Recipient

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Anne Julienne Barcelona
Anne and her fellow students at the Spring School at Newcastle Unviersity

The Student Support Scholarship is one of two unique grant opportunities available to UCEAP participants studying abroad in the UK or Ireland. Along with the Melanie Woiwode Memorial Scholarship, the Student Support Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the UC Trust UK. The Student Support Scholarship Fund is intended to enhance the academic experience of students through scholarly research, creative projects, internships, community service projects, and academically-related travel. Anne Julienne Barcelona, the Spring 2015 recipient of the Student Support Scholarship used the grant to attend the Spring School at Newcastle University! 

Here is what Anne, a UC Berkeley student studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh, had to say about her experience:

I participated in Newcastle University’s Interiors Spring School in May. This was the first time the program was held. There were 16 participants ranging from undergraduate to graduate students. The program encourages students to pursue graduate school by exposing participants to interdisciplinary fields and various professors and experts in diverse fields. Attending the Spring School allowed me to experience studying abroad in England for four days and meet and interact with students from different parts of England, including local students. I was the only exchange student there, coming from outside the UK. It was a fantastic learning experience, having the chance to interact with the people in the program as I would not have been able to engage with English students at this level otherwise. We all participated in the discussions and were engrossed the entire time. We all contributed our own ideas and perspectives. As seen from the picture, we were all engaged with the material and with each other. The small group was perfect as it allowed each of us to add our own thoughts in the discussions. I enjoyed hearing from those from English literature backgrounds, Gender History backgrounds, and more. I also had the incredible opportunity to meet and learn from faculty from around the world, including professors from Queen’s University Belfast, University of York, and University of Sydney. The program had a good mix of seminars, with different subjects, that led to very interesting discussions.

If you’re interested in pursuing a similar opportunity during your year or semester abroad, consider Anne’s advice about applying for the Student Support Scholarship:

I knew participating in this program would be a unique opportunity for me to experience the university setting, a familiar environment, in a different way. It was a truly collegial space, where we all valued what each person had to say…I would most certainly recommend the scholarship to similar future applicants because it allowed me to add a new dimension in my study abroad experience as I was immersed in a new place with new people. It was definitely one of the highlights in my time abroad.

Both the Student Support Scholarship and the Melanie Woiwode Memorial Scholarship accept application in October and February of each year. For more information, please visit our scholarships page.