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ESC Intern, AutumnHey there! I’m Autumn and for the past 12 months, I’ve been living in Edinburgh, Scotland as one of the first ever graduate interns for our UCEAP UK/Ireland Study Centres. From social media scheduling and website management to event assistance and reciprocity presentations, my year as an intern in Edinburgh has allowed me to gain some great insights into all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of our #ukiuceap programmes.

So, as my year as Programme Intern comes to an end, I thought I’d use my last post to share 3 pieces of study abroad advice from inside a UCEAP Study Centre:


I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again: communication is key. In relationships, in friendships, in the workplace, and, yes, even in a UCEAP study abroad experience! Make sure you stay up-to-date with all communications from our UCEAP offices and read all the materials provided on the websites. Staying informed and expressing any concerns you may have as early as possible will help keep your journey all the more smooth and successful.


Some of my favourite blog posts from this past year have been spotlights that share the stories of our current and past students. Going abroad is a great time to pick up a new hobby and our UK and Irish host institutions have some pretty awesome activities to get involved in!

PS: The study centres LOVE hearing about your unique experiences and sharing these stories across the UCEAP and UC communities. From placing 4th in a UK-wide archery competition to starting your own radio show, there’s no limit to the amazing opportunities waiting for you abroad! So, if you find yourself taking up a new hobby or getting involved in some exciting activities whilst at your host university, please send in your stories and photos!!


There’s something so transformational and unique about experiencing a city as a student as opposed to a tourist or professional. Trust me when I say these are the moments you’ll very likely reminisce about for years and years to come. So, try something new. Say yes. And be present in each and every moment during your time abroad. From your favourite new coffee shop to the view from your accommodation window, these are the little things that help create your unique experience. Capture them. Write about them. Appreciate them.

“It’s hard to deny that the act of living in another country fundamentally changes you. Different parts of your personality sort of float to the top, and you take on qualities, mannerisms, and opinions that define the new people around you. And there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s often part of the reason you left in the first place. You wanted to evolve, to change something, to put yourself in an uncomfortable new situation that would force you to into a new phase of your life.” – Chelsea Fagan

UCEAP Intern, AutumnMy year as the UCEAP intern in Edinburgh has been a dream come true. I’m leaving with amazing memories, a set of newly honed skills in the field of International Education, an absolute adoration for Scotland’s capital city and a vow to forever and always “Travel. Learn. Live.”

Thanks for everything, #ukiuceap!


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