An Intern’s Farewell

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Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Trumble, and for the last twelve months I have had the privilege of serving as the UCEAP London Study Centre’s UK Programme Intern. Together with the UCEAP Edinburgh Study Centre’s UK Programme Intern, Autumn, I have had the opportunity to promote our programmes on social media, administer scholarships, and coordinate events. Autumn’s tenure is ending at the same time as mine, and she’s written some great advice you’ve got to check out here.

I won’t bore you with the details of my time here, other than to offer these quick tips for anyone getting ready to study abroad:

  1. Embrace the moment as much as you can. It’s easy to slowly stop noticing all the small things that make up your new life abroad, especially as you start to develop a routine. Try as much as you can to fight against that, even if it just means looking out the window on the bus instead of checking your email. When you focus on soaking it all in, your memories will feel much more complete.
  2. Try not to get caught up in bucket lists. Whether you want to climb the Eiffel Tower or see the sun rise over Stonehenge, it is completely fine to think about what you want to do during your time abroad before you leave. Just make sure that you don’t end up disappointed if you aren’t able to do it all! I may not have fit in time to see the Roman Baths, but all of the unexpected adventures I chose to have instead were completely worth it.
  3. Even once you have returned to California, keep travelling! When I finished the UCEAP Language & Culture Programme in Florence, I thought my European adventures were pretty much over. I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to move to the UK for an entire year just after I graduated from UCLA. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities – and it doesn’t hurt to sign up for the UCEAP Alumni Network either!

I hope you enjoy your time with UCEAP as much as I have. Bon voyage!

Copyright image 2015© University of California Trust 10K Picnic, Hyde Park. Courtesy of Fiona Hanson.
Copyright image 2015©
University of California Trust 10K Picnic, Hyde Park. Courtesy of Fiona Hanson.