Things to do in London

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Even if you’re not studying abroad in London you’re never too far away from it. The UK is not very big, especially when compared to the US, so hopping on a train to take a day or weekend trip to London is definitely accessible no matter where in England you are spending your time abroad. Here a few things to do in London whether you’re here for a year, a term or a weekend.


V and ALondon is full of great museums and the best part? Most of them are free, so you don’t have to feel guilty if you just pop in for an hour or two, and you can split up a museum over a number of days. The British Museum is a classic, there you can see the Rosetta Stone, the Lewis Chessmen and so many other artefacts you’ve probably read about or heard of in a history class. The Virginia and Albert (V&A) Museum is another favourite, especially its exhibit on fashion through the ages. The Imperial War Museum is very interesting, and has exhibits about spies, World War 2, modern wars, etc. Click here for more of London’s best museums.


Regent's Park

London, unlike many other big metropolises, has a lot of green spaces. You’re never too far from a park or nature. Hyde Park is perhaps the most well-known park of London, and Green Park and St. James’s Park are nearby. Another great one is Regent’s Park, home to Primrose Hill, a small climb for a view of much of the city. But take a walk in any neighborhood and you’re sure to stumble upon a park before long. Click here for more of London’s best parks.


Columbia Road Flower MarketLondon is home to a variety of markets, especially on the weekends. Most people know of Borough Market and its delicious food; its proximity to River Thames makes a great day out when it’s sunny. Brick Lane is another fun one, especially on a Sunday. There you can get international cuisine, vintage clothing and antiques. And if you love flowers and plants, Columbia Road Flower Market is a must-see on a Sunday, but get there early to avoid the crowds. For more of London’s best markets, click here.