Student Spotlight: Kyo and the Student Television Society in Glasgow

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UCB student, Kyo Tia Yohena is spending a semester abroad at the University of Glasgow. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Theater and Performance studies. At Berkeley, Kyo has costume designed for various shows and musicals, such as Urinetown, The Tempest, and an aerial movement piece choreographed by Jo Krieter. At the University of Glasgow, Kyo has joined the Glasgow University Student Television society (GUST), and participated in filming for programs that air on the television station. We have asked her to tell us more about her time in Glasgow and her experience a GUST.

Student Kyo Tia Yohena

1) What made you choose to study abroad, and specifically in Glasgow?

I chose to study in Glasgow because of Scotland’s vast history that dates back to the medieval ages. I am constantly looking for artistic inspiration and being in the presence of historical sites/castles has fueled my imagination for the archaic aesthetic. I actually titled my study abroad photo album on Facebook after my all time favorite video game, Legend of Zelda because the fantastical scenery and castles resemble the mystical world of Hyrule.



2) Were you aware of GUST before coming to Scotland?

I was not aware of GUST before coming to Glasgow, but I knew I wanted to expand my experience in theatrical/cinema production especially since I have been so involved in Berkeley.

3) What have you been doing at GUST?

At GUST we have studio sessions once a week, and we record actual segments that will air on their website. For every studio, members volunteer to be in charge of various roles. So far, I have been involved with set design, camera, and sound. GUST also holds workshops for formal instructions on the basics of setting up the cameras, sound recorders, lighting and other various tools for creating a video. 

4) Has the experience at GUST enriched your knowledge and skills?

GUST has provided me with the perfect setting to acquire the knowledge and experience for shooting videos. These have been invaluable skills to learn because I intend on entering the entertainment industry as my career path. After I graduate this upcoming Spring, I have a few companies I would like to apply to with a potential to further my studies at a graduate school.

5) Now that you have tried GUST, would you consider making a career in TV related industry and video making, or would costume making still be your first choice?

An option after graduation is to apply to become part of the artistic department in the popular YouTube company, Buzzfeed videos. I have had this goal in mind before discovering GUST and feel like that my participation in the society will render me a viable candidate. I have also considered taking a theatrical route and to apply for costume positions among theatre companies in the Bay Area. 

6) More generally, how do you find Glasgow University and city, what advice would you give to other students who are thinking about studying in Glasgow?

I absolutely love the amount of diversity among the student body at Glasgow University, and there is definitely a niche you can find yourself comfortable in. As for the city, there are always things to: the city center is not too far away so if anyone is a fan of live music, I definitely recommend Glasgow. Not to mention the taxi drivers: they are beyond hospitable!

Kyo using the camera during one of the meetings at GUST