2015 UCEAP England Thanksgiving Competition Winners

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This year the London Study Centre held four competitions as part of its annual Thanksgiving celebration, this year on the 14th of November. We asked students to submit photographs of something that they felt symbolized their time in the UK, videos about their lives in England and a blog answering one of a variety of questions about their study abroad experience; we also looked at students’ social media pages to see who used #ukiuceap the most.

We received many great entries and have listed the winners below. Thank you to all the students who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Photo Competition

1st Place: Stacy Ma
Stacy Ma Entry

2nd Place: Rachel Guffy

Rachel Guffy Entry

3rd Place: Ophelia Ding

Ophelia Ding entry

Video Competition

1st Place: Sarah Jackson

2nd Place: Lacy Wright

3rd Place: Cindy Katila

Blog Competition

1st Place: Lacy Wright – Lacy Wright Blog Entry

2nd Place: Emily Frone  Emily Frone’s Blog Entry

3rd Place: Stacy Ma – Stacy Ma Blog Entry

Social Media Competition

Winner: Ophelia Ding

Click here to see Ophelia’s Instagram