Student Spotlight. Austin and music: Words, sounds, and performances in Cork

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‘Music brings people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit’ -Henry David Thoreau-

UCSC Philosophy student Austin Hicks is currently spending the fall term in Cork, Ireland. While getting the most out of his studies at UCC, recently nominated the Sunday Times University of the Year, Austin is also nourishing one his greatest passions: music. He has found his study abroad experience in the ‘Emerald Isle’ inspiring and enriching, and playing with musicians from different backgrounds has had a great impact on his music.


Here is Austin talking a little bit more about his musical life abroad:

Music plays every role in my life. It is so interwoven in every aspect that to specify it in anyway would feel unnatural. In Ireland, I’ve been busking on the streets of Cork and having sessions with some of the most amazing players in pubs. Playing has given me the opportunity to dive right into Irish culture. I’ve met so many other musicians who both attend my host university and who are working musicians in the city of Cork. It’s been a really special experience so far. Any new experience impacts my writing and composing. Meeting so many different people from so many different cultures has already had a huge impact on my music. Jamming with many different musicians with many different styles will influence me greatly from here on out.

Hyde Sesh 2-53

Before coming to Ireland I released my first album entitled “The Ebb And Flow“.  It’s an 11 track album comprised of tunes from the last couple of years. I was lucky enough to work with great and extremely talented friends in amazing studios in California. When I get home in December I plan to start working on my second album. With the experiences taken from the last album, experiences from studying abroad and, some new and old talented friends that I’ll be working with, we’ll be able to produce something really wonderful.

You can listen to some of Austin’s songs on Bandcamp