Getting Through the Cold

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The UK can be very cold during wintertime, especially when you are used to spending the season in sunny California. But braving the British weather is part of living in a new country and culture, and isn’t that why you decided to study abroad? Here are a few tips on how to embrace the cold without having to take a weekend trip somewhere sunny (although that’s an option too).

Layer Up

For those of you from Northern California, you probably already know this trick, but if you’re from Southern California and used to wearing a t-shirt in January, you might want to put a few layers on top while you’re in the UK. Even the occasional blue sky doesn’t necessarily mean warmth, and there’s nothing like forgetting your scarf on a particularly chilly day. The winter coat you’re used to wearing back home might not be enough, unless you put a two jumpers on underneath, but you can sometimes find cheap but fine quality coats at places like Sports Direct, so consider making the investment.

Explore the Indoors,_LondonThe colder months are a great time to see all those museums and theatre shows on your bucket list. When it is too cold or dark to climb Primrose Hill or take a stroll through Hyde Park, it’s the perfect opportunity to check out the National Gallery or see The Mousetrap. When the sun comes back out in the spring, you may want to be outside with it.

Remember it’s Temporary

When the sun goes down early every night or it rains everyday for a week, it can be easy to become sad or homesick. You may start to miss the sun or become envious of your friends’ photos at the beach. But remember that the cold won’t last forever, and those rainy day movie marathons you have with your flatmates might become some of your favourite study abroad memories.

Stay Healthy

Don’t feel under the weather just because the weather’s under 4 degrees (Celsius that is). Get lots of rest, eat your vegetables and stay warm. Click here to see more of our advice about how to stay healthy while you’re abroad.