Mentorship Programme Mentee: Katie Foreman

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Katie ForemanKatie Foreman London Eye

University of California, Davis

University College London, Fall 2015

The Mentorship Programme added to my study abroad experience in that it allowed me to see how possible it is to prolong what was a temporary life-changing trip into a long-term life change. My mentor was Christina Gutierrez and we first met for coffee in the Exmouth Market area of London.  We spoke for a couple of hours about her journey from being a student in London to pursuing career opportunities here and deciding to stay long-term.  She had great advice and insight into the transition between America and the UK both socially and professionally and spoke of the advantages and disadvantages of being an American working in the UK. I really appreciated her honest sharing of her experience.

Katie Foreman With AlumniShe also was great in recommending me new beautiful areas of London that I shouldn’t miss seeing which I was grateful for as some of the places she mentioned were those I would not have found on my own.  She invited me to the UC alumni London Eye and Southbank Christmas Markets event, and without her suggestion I probably would have missed out on going on the London Eye which was such a beautiful experience. I would absolutely recommend the Mentorship Programme to future students who are interested in having a deeper and more genuine experience … than the perspective which a temporary outsider might normally have. My conversations with Christina encouraged me to consider moving to the UK post-graduation and also led me to some great areas of London that I would not have had the opportunity to explore without her recommendation. I am grateful to her for sharing her time and experience with me.