How to Handle your Homesickness

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2000px-flag-map_of_california-svgCold weather and dark afternoons can make being far from home difficult. Whether you’ve been abroad for a few months or a few weeks, it is completely natural to feel homesick (remember that W curve from orientation?). Here are a few tips for how to deal with being homesick and continue to make the most out of your time abroad!


Get off Skype Sometimes

WhatsApp_logo1.svgWhen you are feeling down, it’s easy to lock yourself away in your room and glue yourself to Skype. But while talking to family and friends can help, it can also make it harder to assimilate to study abroad. Try setting a time each week to talk to people back home, and use the rest of your time to get to know other students, your Host University and your UK city. And if you’re still missing home, there are plenty of messaging devices available that will let you text people in California while you’re on the go (What’s App and Viber are just a couple of the many options out there).

Keep Busy and Distract YourselfV and A

If you are always thinking about home and what everyone is doing while you’re gone, it makes it hard not to miss it. So get out of your room and go do something distracting, whether that’s getting a meal with friends, visiting a museum or going for a walk around your campus or neighborhood, just find something that keeps your focus away from being homesick. And who knows, you might find a new favourite spot or activity while you’re at it.

Talk About It

If you’re feeling homesick, you’re probably not the only one. Talk to your friends, your campus Student Rep and the staff at the Study Centre. There are plenty of people who want to help you get over your homesickness and get the most out of studying abroad, so don’t keep silent.