Seeing the World on a Budget

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As a study abroad student, you are probably busy planning many weekend excursions to Europe, but as a college student, you are probably also worried about how much these trips are going to cost. Here are a few tips for how to take a city break without breaking the bank.


1000px-airplane_clipart-svgOne of the great things about Europe is the cheap flights you can find between countries. Ryanair and EasyJet are two of the most popular budget airlines, but websites like Sky Scanner and Student Universe will let you compare flights across airlines at different times of day so you know if you’re getting the best deal. Just remember to figure out how you’re getting to and from the airports; you don’t want to take a taxi that costs as much as the flight itself.

Coaches and trains can be another option, especially when travelling between countries that border each other. The journey may be longer but you can use this time to catch up on reading for your modules. Remember that travelling should not get in the way of your studies when you are studying abroad.


Hostels in Europe are much more common than they are in the US and can also be quite nice. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you may be able to book a private room for much cheaper than a hotel. And if you are sharing a room with other people, you may make some new friends! But be watchful of your belongings and never leave anything of value out, including your passport.

When booking your hostel, be sure to do some research about the neighbourhood it’s in. Make sure it is safe and not too far from the city centre or the tourist attractions, especially if walking is the easiest means of transportation. You can read reviews of hostels on websites like Hostelworld and Hostelbookers, and see what sort of amenities a hostel has.


2000px-shopping_cart_with_food_clip_art-svgEating out everyday when you are travelling may be convenient, but it is certainly not cheap. Grocery stores are a good option for finding pre-made but cheap meals, or if your hostel has a kitchen you can use, consider cooking dinner some evenings while you’re there.

Stay Home Sometimes

You don’t need to go travelling every weekend while you’re abroad. Not only will you get to know your Host University city better by staying home, but you will also save money. When you aren’t paying for flights and hostels every weekend, you’ll have more money to do things in the town you’re living in. At the end of your year or semester abroad, you want to be able to say you got to know the UK, not just Europe.