Scholarship Recipient Story: Asha Yasotornrat

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Asha YasotornratAsha Photo

University of California, San Diego

University of Edinburgh, Fall 2015

Melanie Woiwode Memorial Scholarship – Mountaineering 

Being part of the mountaineering society at the University of Edinburgh opened my eyes to different parts of Scotland I would have never seen on my own. The places I went with the mountaineering society were unique and outside of the usual places to visit. I went to a rock climbing gym in an old church, climbed a crag on a farmer’s land, and I went to my first bothy ever in the Highlands. These are activities I would not have done if I was not part of the mountaineering society. Not only did I see incredible sights and participate in adventurous activities, I also got to meet new people and experience different cultures from those people. You will find that there is a lot of bonding time when you are driving extremely slow in a snowstorm. This society was extremely important to me, because I love doing things outdoors and I wanted to develop my skills for it. There are not many opportunities to do things like this in another country, because most of the time people do the “touristy” things. However, joining this society meant getting the opportunity to fully enjoy this in another country.

I may have been able to only go to the first welcoming hike with the mountaineering society, but getting this scholarship allowed me to go on the many other exciting trips. Even though the society is fairly good at keeping costs low by sharing costs and gear, it still costs a good amount of money for transportation and providing your own meals. Receiving this scholarship allowed me to cover more costs to go on more trips. I am very grateful for this scholarship because I would have missed out on many experiences if I had not received it. It would be a no brainer to recommend this scholarship to anyone wanting to participate in extracurricular activities abroad. Receiving money to do the thing you love or try something new in a whole new country, and in return sharing your experience with others is the best deal I could ever think of.