What I do as the LSC Intern

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Many current and past UCEAP students have been asking about what I do in my role as the intern for the UC London Study Centre. Is it mostly filing paperwork? Making tea? I am happy to say that this internship provides me with a range of responsibilities, and although making a good cuppa is definitely an important skill for any job in England, it is certainly not all I do.

Most of my job can be divided into two components: social media and event and programme coordination. And included in social media is this: writing blog posts. I have always enjoyed writing and was one of those rare students who didn’t dread writing papers at school, so I am happy to do this as part of my job at the Study Centre, and I wonder why I didn’t keep a blog of my own while I was studying abroad. It’s a great way to reflect on my time as the LSC intern, and on what I learned when I was a study abroad student myself.

Event and programme coordination are the aspects of this internship that seem to take more responsibility. I am in charge of outreach to students about our various events and our mentorship and scholarship programmes, I manage guests lists, keep track of applications, and look after other organisational details. And while all of this is behind the scenes work, it all culminates in exciting ways! I love attending our events, like our 5oth Anniversary celebrations in October and our Thanksgiving meal at the Barbican last term, I have fun watching the scholarship videos the recipients make, and it makes me happy to read about the positive role the UC alumni mentors are playing in the study abroad experience of our students.

If I were to describe each task I perform in this position, this blog post would be much too long, but it is this diversity of projects that makes my internship so enjoyable. If I need to take a break from one assignment, there is always something new and fun to focus my attention on. When I look for jobs and consider my future career, I will keep in mind this desire for variety and I am grateful that this is one of the many things my internship has taught me so far.