SPI’s Visit to Scotland Office and Supreme Court

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Last week, our Scottish Parliament Interns had the opportunity to visit the Scotland Office and the Supreme Court, both in London.

The Scotland Office is responsible for the representation of Scotland and Scottish affairs in the British government and serving as a liaison between the Scottish Government and the UK Government.

The SPIs were treated to a tour of Whitehall and given a presentation of what exactly the Scotland Office does, in addition to having their own questions answered regarding Scottish politics and the relationships between the UK and Scottish Governments.

The SPIs also got the chance to visit the Supreme Court in London, where they were able to sit in one of the court rooms while a member of the Court gave an overview of the types of cases that are discussed and debated. The interns were given hypothetical cases to mull over and discuss as a group, prompting them to think in the mindset of those who deal with these kinds of situations on a regular basis.

Being a part of the Scottish Parliament Intern allows for plenty of opportunities to expand your experiences outside of what you know, and this trip to London certainly is proof of how UCEAP can help with that!