Mentorship Programme Mentee: Lacy Wright

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Lacy Wrightethel and lacy cropped

University of California, Santa Barbara

Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Fall 2015

I met my mentor, Ethel Davies, for the first time at the British Museum, which was probably a bad idea, considering I had no idea what she looked liked and it’s one of the busiest attractions in the city. But at the same time it was really fitting because it’s both one of our favorite spots in the city. We instantly connected over our love of art, and got together every single week to see different exhibitions and art events, from late night parties at the Science Museum to retrospectives at the Royal Institute of British Architects, always followed by a coffee chat.

lacy 3d
Ethel does 3D photography. Here’s one of me!

My mentor helped me figure out not only how to navigate London and the London art world, but even told me about amazing places right back by my university I never knew about. As a travel photographer, I was enthralled by all her stories and picked up many tips on where to go and what to see.

Meeting Ethel was one of the highlights of my study abroad because we were able to connect on so many different levels: love of travel, passion for art and our carefree spirits. Although we did disagree often on which was the best neighborhood in Los Angeles.

She also embodied someone I aspire to be in the future, and gave me hope that I can one day return to London to live.