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Mentorship Dinner Cropped

As part of our Mentorship Programme this term and as a thank you to our mentors, the London Study Centre hosted a dinner for UC alumni mentors and their UCEAP student mentees. The dinner was at Truckles in Central London, and we dined on burgers, salads and classic British pub food. This small event was a good way for the mentors and mentees to further connect, as well as get to know other alumni and students they might not have met before. We also received great feedback from both students and alumni about the Mentorship Programme, and we were able to personally thank each person for participating.

The students and alumni were matched based on common interests and career goals, and some also attended the same UC campus. While some students have been meeting with their mentors since they arrived in London in fall, the spring term students have only known their mentors since January. But regardless of how long they had known each other, every mentor-mentee pairing had formed a strong relationship and it was wonderful to hear their stories from the programme. Students told us about taking tours of their mentors’ offices, and getting great advice on job applications and places to go in London. But the students are not the only ones appreciating this experience; the mentors are also having a good time getting to know our students at fun and informal meetings, and they are graciously sharing their knowledge and advice. At the end of the dinner, each mentor-mentee pair began planning their next get-together.

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