West Highlands Castles and Lochs Day Trip

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As the semester winds down to a close, the Edinburgh Study Centre hosted a farewell day trip for our UCEAP Scotland students.

It was a day full of castles, scenic rides along vast lochs, and traditionally grey Scottish weather. After all, what better way to bid the country goodbye than with your jacket zipped all the way up, rain falling softly around you while you’re staring out upon a fog-shrouded castle ruin?

The tour bus departed from Edinburgh and headed straight to Doune Castle, which was used as a filming location for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the Outlander TV series.


Next, after a long drive along Loch Lomond the bus made a stop at the town of Inveraray, where the group had a tasty lunch at the Inveraray Inn. The group was treated to a guided tour of Inveraray Castle. This country house has been the seat of the Duke of Argyll since the 18th century, and was a filming location for the 2012 Downton Abbey Christmas episode.



After a brief photo stop at Kilchurn Castle, the bus took the group back to Edinburgh, where the ESC staff bid them all a very fond farewell. To see all the photos of this trip, head on over to our UC EAP Scotland Facebook page!


Thank you students for making this semester a fantastic one; we hope you never forget your time here. Haste ye back!