Mentorship Programme Mentee: Paige Mumford

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Paige MumfordPaige Mumford

University of California, Berkeley

King’s College London, 2015-2016 

a) What difference has this programme made to your study abroad experience?  

My experience with my mentor, Mike Lim, has definitely enhanced my study abroad experience. He not only gave me a lot of professional advice, helping me with my CV and cover letter and advising me on what to do after graduation, but he also gave me great advice about living in London, like recommendations on restaurants to go to, and markets and events to see! For example, he recommended a cafe in Soho to me that became my go-to cafe, where I spent many weekends studying and working. It was also just great to speak to someone who formerly lived in California and then moved to London, something I’d like to do later in life.

b) How did you spend time with your mentor?

My mentor and I met up several times at cafes and restaurants, and one time he even brought his wife with him so I could meet her! We would talk about life and work, and living in the Bay Area and London. I was also able to go to his and his wife’s going-away party, before they moved back to the U.S. a few weeks ago, and I got to meet other American expats and UC alumni there.

c) What did you learn from this experience and/or from your mentor?

I learned a lot about working in the pharmaceutical industry, and going to grad school and doing research. All this advice I will definitely use in the future as I pursue my dream of being a researcher.

d) Would you recommend this programme to future students? 

I would definitely recommend this program to other students. My mentor was a great friend, really generous with the time he gave me, and shared invaluable professional advice with me, as well as fun recommendations for events/places in London to see! I had a really great experience with the Mentorship Program, and got everything out of it that I wanted.

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