Scholarship Recipient Story: Alexis Isaac

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Alexis Isaac

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From left to right: Aspa Karyofilly, Alexis Isaac and Dr.Netta Weinstein


University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Bristol, 2015-2016 

Student Support Scholarship – The British Identity Study 

While studying abroad at the University of Bristol, Alexis Isaac applied for the Student Support Scholarship to fund a research project titled “The British Identity Study,” a follow-up to an independent research project she had conducted during her sophomore year at UCSB. In this study, Alexis was “looking for the effect of autonomy on overall well-being for individuals who identified as British.”

The British Identity Study allowed me to investigate and engage with my host country’s culture in a unique way. I was constantly critically evaluating the culture around me; and not just as an international student, but also, as an international researcher.

Over the year Alexis was abroad, she interviewed almost one hundred participants for this study. The results from these interviews supported her hypothesis: “increased well-being was found to positively correlate with… authenticity, self-esteem, defensiveness, vitality, positive and negative effect, and life expectancy… well-being was also found to have a positive relationship with the strength of a participant’s British identity.”

If not for the Student Support Fund, I would have lacked the necessary resources to complete this project. I hope this report will clearly illustrate my highest recommendation that every UCEAP UK and Ireland Programme student should apply for this scholarship.

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