Student Rep Story: Hayley Makinster – Royal Holloway, University of London

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Hayley Makinster PhotoIn spring 2016, Hayley Makinster was the first Student Rep for Royal Holloway, University of London. Read about her experience being a Student Rep at her English Host University, and apply to be a Student Rep here.

When I arrived at Royal Holloway for my year studying abroad, I was expecting only to meet British students, rather than interacting with other Americans. 

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And while this was in part true, and I met a wide range of individuals, the student rep meetings gave me the opportunity to meet with those students who were also attending Royal Holloway through the UCEAP program.  It was such an amazing experience to bring the five of us together for a chat, where we could talk about our experiences abroad, our travel plans, and our time at Royal Holloway.  If not for this position, I may not have created such strong connections with these four other students, and would not have had the opportunity to relate my experiences to people who could understand them, and express their own.  I was not anticipating this opportunity when I applied to study abroad, but if not for this I would not have met some wonderful people, and would have missed out on some amazing memories.