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One of the great things about returning to England as the London Study Centre intern is being able to visit Brighton and the friends I made while studying for the year at the University of Sussex. When I studied abroad my friends and I all lived on campus, but this year they were living in Brighton, like most second and third year students do. I visited them often, so I was able to experience what it is like to live in town in private housing, something UCEAP students at Sussex may need to do in fall. This should not be seen as an obstacle but as an opportunity. There are many benefits to living in Brighton rather than on campus, and it should not be too difficult to find private housing.


1. By living in Brighton you are close to excitement. 

The University of Sussex campus is beautiful and surrounded by nature, but most of your free time will be spent exploring Brighton. The city has a beach, a pier with rides and games, and winding lanes with vintage shops and vegetarian cafes, all of which could be in walking distance if you live in town.

2. Campus isn’t far 

Campus is only a short bus ride away from the city, so going to your lectures or spending a few hours in the library won’t be a problem. There are student bus passes available, which will not only be useful for transporting yourself to campus, but also on rainy days when you would rather not walk to the places mentioned above.

3. You won’t be living with freshers  

Most people living on campus will be freshers and might be away from home for the first time. Since you will probably be studying abroad after being at your UC for at least one year, you may prefer to live with older students, most of whom live off campus in private housing.

4. Travelling is more accessible 

If you are planning to travel while studying abroad, you will have to get to the Brighton train station. From here you can go to London, nearby Gatwick airport, etc. If you are living on campus, you will have to take the train or bus to Brighton station, but if you are already living in Brighton you may be able to easily walk there.

5. Private housing could be cheaper  

Depending on the housing you find in the city, you could be spending less than where you would have been living if you were on campus. You also won’t need to spend money on buses every time you want to go into town and many cheap grocery stores will be close by.

6. Live like a local 

If you live on campus and only go into Brighton on the weekend, you might find yourself just visiting the tourist attractions. But if you live in the city, you’ll see a lot more. You can go to your neighbourhood pub for a Sunday roast or just walk down the street when you’re craving fish & chips, a meal Brighton is famous for. You’ll also have time to visit every cafe and quirky shop in the lanes until you find your favourite, or pop down to the beach for a study break.

7. Where to look

If you are interested in finding private accommodation in Brighton, here are some suggestions for where to look to find housemates and places to live. Please remember to never give any money without first seeing the flat or house.

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For more information and ideas on where to look, please click here.