Mentorship Programme Mentee: Ivy Kuo

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Ivy Kuoivy and jen

University of California, Santa Barbara 

Queen Mary, University of London, 2015-2016

This program has definitely made a difference to my study abroad experience.  Jennifer King has helped me expand my knowledge about the marketing and copy-writing industries, both of which I’ve been interested in pursuing. 

My mentor and I met up at coffeehouses around London. During our first meeting, she told me about her personal and professional journey from America, to Australia, then finally to the UK. It was fascinating to see how another UC student was able to have such a rich international experience, one that I hope to replicate in my own life. During our second meeting, she helped me revise my resume in great detail, and even tailored it to the UK CV format (as I was applying for summer positions in London). During our last meeting, I visited her at her new office and she helped me strategize which London companies to reach out to, and even put me in contact with one of her ex-colleagues, who I was interested in interning for.

 From my experience with Jennifer, I realized that it’s entirely possible for me to move to and work in a different country. I had never even thought of this opportunity for myself until I met her, especially because I didn’t know if my English degree would be desired overseas. However, after listening to her story and hearing about her success in Sydney and London, I became inspired to become just as ambitious and carve a path for myself. It’s because of Jennifer that I decided to stay in the UK for the summer.

I would definitely recommend this program to future students, as I think it’s an excellent opportunity to gain valuable connections, but more importantly, foster a special relationship with alumni who can understand their mentee’s struggles and obstacles.

If you are a London student interested in being mentored by a UC alum, please apply here.