Student Rep Story: Jon and Lisette – Queen Mary, University of London

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jon and lisette.jpgJon Akkawi and Lisette White partnered as Student Reps at Queen Mary, University of London, during our pilot programme in Spring 2016. Read about their experience being Student Reps at their Host University, and apply to be a Student Rep here.

We really enjoyed our time as the UCEAP Student Representatives for Queen Mary, University of London. It gave us the chance to get to know students we otherwise might not have interacted with very much. It was great to work as a duo, as we were able to split up responsibilities amongst one another and also be able to cooperate and come up with ideas. Someone worked and updated the Facebook page and made sure the students were up to date on events/announcements whilst another kept in touch with the London Study Centre and helped to coordinate events. QMUL Cofee MeetingAs they say, two brains are better than one! We were both semester students, but we got to meet and become friends with some of the year long students as well, because of the programme. It was fun to hear about everyone’s different experiences, good or bad, including travels and adventures. Our fellow students at QMUL did not come to us with many concerns, but we think it was good for us to be there for them if they needed us in any way. In addition, through the Student Rep meetings and events, we got to interact with the other Reps and hear the different perspectives of students from different universities which helped broaden our understanding of the British university system and student culture. The Student Rep Programme is a great resource for UCEAP students for any concerns or problems they may have, as well as a great way to get to know many of the other students and form everlasting bonds!