Student Rep Story: Amy Nutley – University College London

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amyAmy Nutley was the first Student Rep for University College London (UCL) during our pilot programme in spring 2016. Read about her experience being a Student Rep at her English Host University, and apply to be a Student Rep here.


My role as a UCL Student Representative for the UCEAP was an extremely rewarding and beneficialStudent Meeting Nandos experience. It allowed me to feel more at home in the UK with such a strong home base with fellow UC students, as well as feel a stronger sense of belonging to UCL.  As a year long student, I felt very sad when the fall semester students who I had grown close to and traveled with left back to California, and this role allowed me to easily meet the spring semester students.  I definitely enjoyed the experience and only wished we had more time to throw more events. I hope this program continues to grow and be very successful!