Mentorship Programme Mentee: Lisette White

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Lisette Whitelisette mentorship

University of California, Davis

Queen Mary, University of London, Spring 2016 

The mentorship program was a very pleasant experience. It really added to my study abroad experience by reminding me of what my goals in life are and the steps I need to take to get there. My mentor, Florian, told me about his journey academically and career-wise that has gotten him to where he is today. Even though he is young, he has gotten to a very good place in his career and is doing big things in his role. He still hopes to grow more, but seeing his path has really made me realize that there is always room to grow. Florian often talked about how you might have a plan, but that you might end up doing something very different from that original plan. This resonated with me in both a professional (career) way and a personal way. From our coffee meetings, to our office lunch, Florian was both a mentor and a friend. We got to learn about each other in terms of school/ careers and on a personal level. It was nice to catch up every once in a while. I definitely would recommend this program to other students, especially study abroad students, because it gave me a lot of insight into the journey people go on to get to their career. It might not always be what you have planned, but often it can be something better. The mentorship program definitely helped me make the most of my time abroad, as it linked my time there to my future goals, especially career goals.

If you are a London student interested in being mentored by a UC alum, please apply here.