Friday Spotlight: Advice From Your Future Self

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Do you ever wish you could go back in time and give your past self some advice? Especially to yourself before you started your study abroad adventure? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Here are some important pieces of advice that our students wish they could’ve told their pre-study abroad selves. All you students about to embark on your own study abroad trips this fall, take note!

Glasgow University“You are going to get worn out by Week 4, but do not stop working at your best performance so that you can enjoy every weekend traveling and exploring to the fullest without regrets. Be prepared to enjoy the most life-changing experiences. Remember to keep your mind wide open. Side note: please PLEASE pack light so you can fit a lot of souvenirs and get a travel credit card.”

                       – Lesley Chan (UCI, University of Glasgow)


“Be brave. Put yourself out there, and do the things you have always dreamed of doing. Be spontaneous and buy a train ticket to another country, try food that you would have never tried if you were at home. Above all, sit and enjoy yourself. Absorb it all, you will never be a 20 year old studying in England ever again. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, take advantage of it.”

Rebecca Jean Verona ( UCM, University of Sussex)


glasgow“If I could give myself one advice before going abroad, it would be to make sure I plan everything more carefully and manage my time better. Although going abroad comes with the excitement  of traveling and exploring a new country, it’s also important to remember the “study” part. I would also remind myself to make sure to keep my physical and mental health in check. Traveling can be very physically strenuous and being away from family and friends can really affect one’s mental health.”

            – Sayna Rahnamoun (UCI, University of Glasgow)

edinburgh uni

“Edinburgh is a city that will capture your heart. It’s people, beauty and incredible culture make it feel warm even on the coldest of days. Embrace the rain, the wind and the snow because every day of your study abroad experience is precious and it flies by far too quickly. Travel the UK as much as possible and try your best to make local friends. Not only will they think your accent is hilarious enough to provide ample entertainment for weeks (and vice versa) but they will make Edinburgh truly feel like home.”

Bryn Lemon (UCSB, University of Edinburgh)