Student Spotlight: Caylee McFarland – UCL

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While studying abroad, many students find it rewarding to keep track of their trip in travel journals, or document their experience with photos. After all, studying abroad is an incredible experience, albeit one that tends to fly right by, so finding an outlet to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen is often very cayleehelpful! With UC Irvine student Caylee McFarland, she’s gone above and beyond in terms of documenting her study abroad experience. Shortly after arriving in London to study abroad at University College London, Caylee started her own blog-style website, which details her experience in the UK and Europe day by day. Each post tells what number day it is, photos of the highlight of her day, and a small caption describing what she did and saw that day. Her website is a great way to read about and see what it’s really like to settle down and attend university in a foreign country, while meeting new friends and making plenty of new, amazing memories. So far, Caylee’s explored a ton of London and has already even travelled to Milan and Copenhagen! Take a look at some excerpts below, and check out her site for more!

22 Sep, 2016
Day Nine: Tower Bridge

Today UCL held a boat party for the international and exchange students. I’m not going to lie, boat parties are super weird. There were probably over a hundred people packed on this boat, some dancing, some drinking, but most standing awkwardly in the hopes of making a friend. That being said, the best part of the party was before when I was able to roam around Tower Pier and take some pictures. Tower Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges I have ever seen. The skyline across the river is also breath taking. So I suppose this strange boat party was worth it for the view.

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23 Sep, 2016

Day Ten: The British Museum

One of the greatest things about London is that most of its museums are free admission. I took advantage of this today and went to the British Museum. This museum is incredible from its exhibits to the building itself. The amount of history in this building is immense. I was able to see sculptures and art from so many different cultures and eras. If you’re ever in London, I would recommend stopping by here.

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02 Oct, 2016
Day Nineteen: Stonehenge and Bath

Today I went on a day tour of Stonehenge and Bath. It was nice to get out of the city and see the countryside of England. Bath is one of the coolest places I have been to. It is a neat Roman town with so many beautiful buildings and houses.

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08 Oct, 2016
Day Twenty-Five: Milan

For my birthday a few months ago, one of my best friends from high school surprised me with a ticket to Milan. She is studying abroad in Berlin, while I’m in London, so the plan was to meet up in another country. The weekend has finally come, and I am very thankful for our friendship and her gift to me. Italy is such a beautiful country, with amazing architecture and history. Everything has surpassed my expectations, from the food to the overall atmosphere. Everything is so surreal and exciting. I am incredibly lucky to have been given the chance to study abroad and be able to travel as much as I have.

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