Networking with Alumni Event Fall ’16

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Last night we held our Networking with Alumni Event for the Fall 2016 term, and for my first big event as Programme Intern, I believe it was a rousing success! UC study abroad students from our London host universities, including UCL, Queen Mary, KCL, and London School of Economics were all in attendance, as well as a group of students who made it all the way from Warwick! Our diverse group of students were equally matched by our incredible roster of UC Alumni panellists, who were led by return moderator Charlie Swann from UCLA.

After starting off the evening with delicious burritos from Benito’s Hat (trust me, students always arrive on time for free burritos!) we headed in to hear from our panel of UC Alumni. With some guidance from our awesome moderator Charlie, the panel gave our students tons of great advice on interviewing, networking, and presenting themselves in the workplace, in addition to sharing anecdotes from all of their first jobs and experiences moving from California to the UK. Our alumni panel was a very diverse group, so the audience were able to hear from many different points of perspective, such as Colin sharing that he actually got fired after only six weeks at his first job, but learning so much about himself in the process, or how Grace cold emailed various people and in effect created her own job, which led to her travelling all the way to Peru for research. When panellist Richard Ho revealed his expertise in writing and correcting resumes, I believe even the other panellists started taking notes! At least I know I was…

UC Alumni Panel: Amy, Florian, Colin, Richard, Grace

Once the panel portion of the evening came to a close, we kicked off our networking reception, which was graciously sponsored by the UC Trust UK. Students were able to chat to alumni in person further about career advice, or with any general questions they had. It was very exciting to see how engaged students and alumni were with one another at the reception. I think it just shows how special it is that people of all different ages and from all over the world are brought together by the power of the UC system. I think I can speak for most when I say that our Networking with Alumni event was both rewarding, inspiring, and just straight up fun! Thanks to both students and alumni for attending, see you all in the spring!

UC Alumni Panellists:

Florian Schratt (UC Santa Barbara) Economics and geography

Amy Aho (UC Los Angeles) Finance and risk management

Colin Kennedy (UC Berkeley) Sports and digital media marketing

Grace Pinault (UC Davis) Law and environmental policy

Richard Ho (UC San Diego) Finance and consulting 

Charlie Swann (UC Los Angeles) MFA- School of Theatre, Film & Television