Christmas Farewell Event

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Somehow the 12 weeks of fall term have completely whizzed by, and we’re already almost at the winter holidays! Although temperatures are dropping to absolutely frigid levels, last week we hosted our Christmas Farewell Event to celebrate with our students one last time before they head home to the States.


We started off our fun-filled day with a trip to the Tower of London, where students were able to roam around one of London’s most historic and well known landmarks. Some of us tagged along on the Yeoman Warders guided tour, which was a fun and interesting way to learn as much history about the Tower and all of those who’ve passed through it! When it got a bit too cold to hang around outside, we headed in to gaze at the glittering Crown Jewels, which are always a sight to behold. I don’t think anyone ever gets tired of seeing a diamond as big as one of their fists!


After the Tower of London closed, we headed over to go ice-skating in the Tower’s moat. It was a beautiful rink, with the Tower on one side and the London skyline along the Thames on the other. We had a few students who used to play hockey or figure skate gliding in circles around those of us holding onto the wall for dear life, but for the most part, everyone did great. A couple of sore bums, but no broken bones thankfully!

To finish the night, we headed down the Thames to the charming Dickens Inn, where we were treated to a delicious three course Christmas feast with all the trimmings. Everyone got to pull apart some Christmas crackers too! It was sad to say goodbye to students who will be heading home soon, but a great way to end the term – we hope you all had as great a time as we did. Stay warm and hopefully we’ll see you back in the UK soon!