Halfway Through! My First Term as Programme Intern

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shannon-and-rhiannonThis past week we’ve been saying good bye to all of our fall students as they finish up term and  head home, which is crazy, because that means I’m nearly half way through my time as Programme Intern here at the London Study Centre. The past five months have passed so quickly! It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for fall orientation, and now I’m getting prepared for spring. My move back to London wasn’t the easiest, and I’ve definitely had some big bumps along the way, but I’ve had an absolute blast, and have learned an incredible amount in these past months, from learning how to perform basic office tasks, to going on trips and planning big events for students. It has been wonderful learning to adjust to living back in London while doing my first office job, and I’ve had so many great experiences along the way.

The difference between studying abroad in London and working in London has been huge. I feel a bit older this time around, compared the blissful naiveté I had when I studied abroad last time and had not a care in the world! But my past experience in London was so incredible, I knew I wanted to come back and work in London again, especially having interned while I was studying abroad. Who knew it would be only two months after I got my diploma before I touched back down at Heathrow! It’s been challenging to be thrown into post-grad life thousands of miles away from home, but so rewarding to work and support myself while living in my favourite city! London is so big I barely scratched the surface last time, and it’s been so fun exploring more and more of the city.


Looking at all the photos of students traipsing around London and Europe and having the absolute best time has been amazing to watch, as it just reminds me of how much my own study abroad experience in London affected me for the better. I knew I wanted to do this job partly because of the incredible experience I had on UCEAP, but also because there were many facets to this position that would help me better hone in on what I want to do in my future career. Though I’m not necessarily interested in education, I’ve found the social media management and event planning aspects of this internship to be particularly helpful. I definitely want to use the skills I’ve learned here to work in PR or Events later on. I’ve been able to learn so many important skills, as well as meet all kinds of awesome people, and it’s all been very helpful in figuring out my next step after this internship.


Though I’m sad to see all of our fall students go, I’m so glad I got the chance to know some of you and to see that you’ve all had a great time in London! I’m feeling prepared and excited to meet the next batch of students and to tackle the next seven months of my internship – I know it’s going to be so much fun! In the meantime I’m quite excited to go home to California and see my family for the holidays, but I’ll be back. Ta for now!