Mentorship Programme: Thank You to Our Mentors!

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One of the awesome opportunities UCEAP London students are privy to is the chance to be mentored by a member of the UC Alumni UK network while they’re studying abroad. Mentees and mentors are matched based on shared academic backgrounds and professional interests, and meet up a couple of times throughout the term to chit chat about everything from living in London to future careers. See what some of our mentees and mentors got up to last fall term, and hear about mentees’ experiences in their own words below!

Apply to be mentored here. Applications are due Tuesday, 31st January. 

Giulia (UCLA) & Stephanie (UCR)

stephanie-giulia-2“I really enjoyed my mentorship with Stephanie. The first time we met up I got to see her work space at the Museum of London Archaeology Services. She showed me around the different parts of the building and I got to see the rooms where they keep artifacts which was really neat! The second time we met up was to see the special exhibit at the British Museum called “Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds”. It was so cool to go to the exhibit with someone that works in the archaeology field! I got to ask her lots of questions and we had great time discussing what we thought of the exhibit, the excavation and artifacts! Overall it was a fantastic experience getting to know Stephanie and learning more about her experiences going to grad school in London and working in the archaeology/museum field in London!”

            – Giulia, Queen Mary University of London

Perwana (UCB) & Ethel (UCSC)

perwana-and-ethel“Through the UCEAP Mentorship program I was partnered up with photographer Ethel Davies as my mentor. It was such a delight meeting her and having her as a resource! We went to the Tate Modern on our first meeting and the Saatchi gallery for the next…we were able to chat about our experiences at an art school coming from an English Literature background. It’s been a relief to have someone to chat to about masters’s programs in Europe, living in London, and the art world that was also educated through the UC system!”            

Perwana, University of the Arts London  

Joshua (UCSD) & Joel (UCB)

“Joel shared with me a lot of insight and his joshua-joelexperience…I learned about his work as Civil and Environmental Engineer.  I have to admit that I didn’t know a whole lot about it and I was very curious.  One of my goals as a student is to become more diverse, not just in culture, but in our conceptual backgrounds as well.  His work seems to include a lot of proactive statistical studies that help the organize save money and prevent waiting for structures to collapse; I think that’s awesome stuff!  He had also told me about his background from France, then to Texas, and lastly at Berkeley.  It was fun to know that he’s so familiar with a place I grew up in and talking about the major highways leading to landmark locations (although I go to school in San Diego, my family and I are from the San Francisco Bay Area). I was very happy to have met him and I look forward to our next visit; I am certain we will be friends long after this program comes to an end.”

Joshua, Imperial College London 

Amanda (UCLA) & Nadia (UCB)

“As far as my desired career trajectory goes, I am amanda-nadiainterested in two different paths – which happen to align exactly with the interests of my UC Mentor, NadiaMacias, an alumnus of UC Berkeley’s undergrad and law school. These career interests stem from the fact that both Nadia and I share a deep and passionate interest in mentorship…[and] we found common ground in most everything, our academic trajectories, family background, career and personal interests, and of course our similar experiences in studying and traveling abroad. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Nadia, getting to know her, and getting to glean some insight and advice from her concerning networking, how to get my foot in the door with higher education entities, and persisting in the job search in general.”

Amanda, King’s College London

Kathy (UCB) & Aaron (UCB)

“I absolutely loved meeting my mentor, Aaron. Upon first being introduced to him, I felt his experiences and career trajectory are shockingly similar to my own; we started our careers in the same company and university, and I also hope to end up in London doing startups. There wasn’t a dull moment in our conversation, and we ran the whole gamut of things from the paths I had to return to London, random interests in tech, to our very varying opinions on San Francisco. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Aaron, and I got the genuine impression that he cared about what I had to say and that he wanted to ensure that I made the most of our meeting. I came out of this reassured about my prospects of returning to London and with a large handful of meetups and tech events to attend suggested by Aaron himself.”

Kathy, University College London

Victoria (UCLA) & Celina (UCLA)

“As a pre-medical student with an interest victoria-celinain public health, meeting Ms. Celina Gorre was an incredible experience. Beyond her amazing resume, Ms. Gorre was kind and gracious and so eager to introduce me to her work in the world of public health. Through this experience, I have found inspiration to pursue my goals in the healthcare industry. Not only were we able to discuss some questions I had regarding her work, but also talk about my path and my next steps as someone interested in medicine. I’m grateful to UCEAP and Ms. Gorre for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you!”

Victoria, King’s College London