A Second Fresh Start – Back to Work for Spring Term

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16251206_10208466587569931_1370629914_oHappy February everyone! I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am to officially be out of the cold, post-holiday slog that is January. Well, maybe not, since most of you have just arrived in England to begin your study abroad experiences, and I’m sure you’re all busy having the time of your lives!

For me, February marks my 7th month as Programme Intern here at the London Study Centre. I can’t believe it – I’m past the halfway point people! As anxious as I am about figuring out what my next step is after my time at UCEAP ends, I’m so excited to be back for this upcoming spring term and to see what 2017 has in store for all of us. I finally feel like I’ve got the complete hang of things in the office, which is a fantastic feeling to have, because now I’m able to take on more responsibility and have more independence to start working on my own special projects within this job. For instance, the new ESC intern, Bryn, and I have a lot of fun ideas for new blog content that I can’t wait to start working on!

February also marks another fun milestone for me – exactly two 10923597_10203571389753045_1119526105115802810_nyears ago, I was just going into the sixth week of my own study abroad programme at King’s. I barely knew what the Tube was, and had probably only explored from Waterloo to Oxford Street, but I had already fallen in love with London. There was so much I had yet to learn about this incredible city that I now call home, as you might be able to discern from the embarrassing photo of me hanging out at Buckingham Palace on the right, but it’s amazing to take a minute and reflect on how far I’ve come since those wee touristy days! It makes me so happy to see how much London has changed me for the better, and even more happy for all the new spring students who hopefully will have an absolute ball studying here just like I did!

And speaking of, SPRING. Vitamin D supplements can only do so much, so the fact that the sun no longer sets at half past three in the afternoon is soul restoring, let me tell you. At the moment, it may seem as if London will be freezing until August, but soon daffodils will begin painting the entire city bright yellow, and it’s the best thing ever. It’ll be great to have a change of season, to be able to get outside more, go on more day trips, and just explore my 11149278_10204119464094561_6492497964564948497_nsurroundings more in general. I’ve got a bucket list and I need to start checking things off!

I’m also super excited for the Spring Trip in two months, because I’ve never been to Manchester or the Peak District before. Should be stunning, no doubt, and with the way pollution has been affecting us all in London, a visit to the countryside will definitely be a welcome change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. I’ll keep you posted – ta for now!