Valentine’s Day in the UK

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! Whether you’re by yourself, with friends, or a special someone, here are some of the most romantic locations throughout the United Kingdom, as shown in our favourite romance films. Perhaps you might even visit a couple of these places while you’re here studying abroad and relive some of these infamous scenes! 


One Day: A film that sweeps the United Kingdom from Edinburgh to Buckinghamshire to London, One Day is will gear you up for your study abroad experience or help you reminisce about past exploits!  Follow the path of two friends on the anniversary of the day they met meet for eighteen years. The film is an interesting mix of comedy and drama and you may need some tissues for the end!


Sunshine on Leith: Sunshine on Leith is the perfect representation of the beauty of Edinburgh.  A film about two young couples navigating love at a pivotal point in their lives, this Proclaimers’ musical will have you dancing through Edinburgh’s cobblestones in no time. Warning: If you have just left Edinburgh after studying abroad here this film will bring you to tears in 2 seconds flat because of how gorgeous the city looks.

Made of Honor: A wee romantic comedy set in the Scottish Highlands, Made of Honor depicts Patrick Dempsey (Need I say more?) as a man in love with his best friend.  After waiting too long to make a move, he is asked to be the maid of honour at her wedding to another man! Leave us a comment if you recognise any of the Scottish castles depicted throughout!


Brooklyn: Brooklyn is one of the best films that I have personally seen in the past year.  It tells the story of a young woman who moves to Brooklyn in 1951 to start a new life but is torn between her love for her old home in Ireland (and a young man she has met there) and for her new life in America (with a dashing American).  This description sounds cheesy but trust me, the film is jam-packed with heart.

Once: Once is a really quirky film about a busker and a young Czechoslovakian immigrant who meet in Dublin for a week writing songs as they fall in love. The soundtrack makes for a gorgeous travelling playlist!


Notting Hill: A Transatlantic love story featuring two of rom-com’s biggest stars, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, Notting Hill is set in…you guessed it, Notting Hill! This West London district is famous for its rows of pastel coloured houses and store front facades. In the film, Will (Hugh Grant) owns a bookshop located on Portobello Road, which hosts the famous Portobello Market, a fun place to browse for vintage trinkets.

Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre: The film adaptions for both Victorian romantic novels were shot throughout the scenic landscapes of England’s Peak District. Filming  included various locations in Derbyshire and Sheffield, as well as Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire and Burghley House in Lincolnshire. Take a look at some more of these beautiful places from the films you can actually visit here!

Bridget Jones’s Diary: Perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved rom com’s of all time, Bridget Jones’s Diary showcases a ton of romantic locations around England. The film is mostly shot around London, at places such as Tower Bridge, Shad Thames, and St. Pancras Railway station, but one of the prettiest places is Bridget Jones’s home locale, where she retreats to in the movie. The scenes where Bridget was home were shot in Snowshill, Gloucestershire, a cozy little tucked away village in the Cotswolds, a scenic district of western England known for its rolling hills and green meadows.

Sliding Doors: This 90’s romantic drama starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah follows two parallel plot lines, but is filmed in various locations throughout central London, most notably on the Tube at Waterloo Station! Some of the prettiest shots were filmed on two London bridges however – the Hammersmith Bridge and the Albert Bridge, which connects Battersea and Chelsea. The two main characters also take a romantic walk throughout Primrose Gardens in Belsize Park, which is a fantastic spot for a picnic!