Edinburgh Meets London!

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This first month as the Edinburgh Study Centre Intern has been a whirlwind of work and travel! Not only have I moved 5,000 miles from California back to Scotland but I’ve had the amazing opportunity to visit some of our students at Trinity College Dublin and all of the staff at the London Study Centre over the past two weeks!

On a chilly Monday morning at 5am I grabbed my backpack and, half asleep, left for the Edinburgh airport to catch a flight to London to spend a few days with Rhiannon, the London Study Centre Intern, who has been showing me the ropes for the past few weeks as I get to know my new role here at UCEAP. A few hours later we began our escapades around the big city working on a joint project to show all future applicants for our position exactly what our jobs entail.

With our professional camera bags, GoPros and interview-ready-attitudes in tow, we roamed the streets of London seeking prime filming locations for our upcoming project. At one point we got caught up in a crowd of paparazzi during the mad Fashion Week rush. It was such a blast to get back down to London and reminisce about all of the amazing memories I gathered there last year on weekend trips while studying abroad. On Tuesday night we went along to a UC Santa Cruz alumni event to catch up with some great girls who have made the permanent move from sunny California to bustling London.  Did you know there are over 5,000 UC alumni living in the United Kingdom??

As a resident expert in London now, Rhiannon was able to show me so many parts of the city I’ve never seen before.  Strolling through part of the financial district in Farringdon after a delicious dinner at Lupita, I was overwhelmed and impressed by the enormous centers of business in beautiful glass buildings all around us. London is such an energetic and diverse city,  imbued with so many possibilities and excitement. I still managed to fit in my favorite London activity, a quiet walk by the Thames River with one of my best friends from my year abroad.

Exhausted but so pleased with my time down south, I hopped on a plane back up to Edinburgh just in time for storm Doris to hit and to be doused in snow.  I can’t wait for Rhiannon’s trip up to our windy city next month to continue this project and to give her a feel for what it’s like to live in my gorgeous city!