Tidbits of Trinity

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While I was in Dublin last week I sat down with Gillian Perry, a Creative Writing and English Literature student from UC Berkley to discuss her experience so far at Trinity College Dublin.


What made you chose Trinity?

I want to be an author, in particular I really like children’s literature and fiction.  I knew there was a huge focus on literature and the arts here at Trinity and I really appreciated that especially coming from Berkley which is a huge research institution.  The class sizes are relatively smaller than I’m used to, only about twelve students in my seminars but I’m also taking a big lecture so its nice to see the difference between the two types of classes. I’m here until May which is bittersweet because I will be sad to leave.

Do you mainly spend time with UC, International or Irish students?

I have a group of American friends that I met at the semester start up program that I participated in through Trinity.  They’re from North America in general but I was able to meet people from all over which is really nice.dsc_0436

Do you feel like its harder to make Irish friends?

Yes I think so because I don’t have as good an understanding of the culture. We’ve been able to meet some people. We met these three guys when we went to Westport before we went to Galway and we’ve stayed in contact so I think they might come up to Dublin soon.  Taking third and fourth year courses I’ve found that the students already know each other and have established friends but that is not to say that the  students aren’t friendly or willing to chat.

What has been your favourite experience so far while abroad?

The second week we were here I met some people that I barely knew and we all planned a trip to Galway which was how we cemented our friendships.  I found having a group of people as clueless as I was really reassuring and we all had a great time.  Galway is gorgeous it was a nice difference from Dublin.  Dublin is a city atmosphere even though its not crazy or congested like some American cities. There are still a lot of restaurants, stores and pubs.  In Galway it felt much smaller with a different aesthetic with string lights everywhere and cute little cobblestone streets.  There is that in Dublin as well but it’s definitely enclosed within the city context. We went and did the salt hill walk and we got so lucky with the weather it was gorgeous.dsc_0434-1
What are your favourite parts of Dublin?

I really like all the donut stores! There are so many donut stores everywhere. My friends and I last weekend did a coffee shop tour with a whole list and we went from place to place trying out all the coffee and donuts. I like to sit in coffee shops and people watch.  Also Trinity is beautiful; its fun that it’s a tourist attraction and I get to go to school here.  I love having a school that is rich in history

Do you think you’ll have any stories that will be based off of your Dublin Experience one day?

We shall see!

On Gillian’s bucket list before she leaves? A central European trip to Vienna, Prague and Budapest followed by a jaunt over to Spain and Italy!