My Trip Up to Edinburgh

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I’ve just recently returned from a trip to Edinburgh, where I had such a fabulous and fruitful time! As you know, Bryn, who’s just started her internship in January, was down in London a few weeks ago, so it was my turn to return the favour. I went up to Edinburgh to visit Bryn and the rest of the Edinburgh Study Centre staff for a few days, in order to work on our shared project of making a video about the ins and outs of our UCEAP internships.


I set out from London Kings Cross last Monday morning, slightly hesitant to leave London on such a warm and sunny morning, but as luck would have it, the good weather followed me all the way up to Scotland! After a peaceful train ride to Waverley Station, I met up with Bryn and we immediately raced up to Calton Hill to capture the glory of a sunlit Edinburgh. Sun in Scotland, a rare treat!! We decided it was time to go once an extremely strong gust of wind nearly sent us tumbling down the side of the hill, so Bryn took me to a cute flea market, where I had a delicious Korean fried chicken burger for lunch. As you can see from the photos, I ate my way through Edinburgh and enjoyed every single minute of it! Literally every meal I ate was scrumptious, so it was good we walked so much!

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, and since I was just there in November for our Thanksgiving Event, it felt familiar to me, but because Bryn and I explored the city so well, I got to see a whole other side of Edinburgh I hadn’t seen before, which was amazing! Something I love about Edinburgh is how things are built stacked on top of each other because of the hills, so one moment you’re standing on Calton Hill looking over the city, and thirty minutes later you can climb up to the Castle on the other side and feel like you’ve covered so much ground!

Though the views throughout Edinburgh were absolutely spectacular, everything on the ground floor was amazing as well! I loved seeing street art give the gray streets of Edinburgh a pop of color, and the best thing was to see the city through Bryn’s eyes, as she pointed out to me various parts of the university campus and places she loves the most, which gave me a more personalized view of this windy city.

After a long two days of filming and exploring, Bryn took me to a weekly ceilidh, where we danced the night away. Finally, I headed back down to London after a quick catch up with the ESC team, exhausted but so thrilled to have been able to explore Edinburgh with such fabulous weather. Hopefully it stays that way, but in the meantime, thank you so much to Bryn and everyone at the Edinburgh Study Centre for their generous hospitality and such a fun trip! Next, catch both the London and Edinburgh Study Centres teaming up for our Spring Trip in April – see you soon!